Refund Policy has always practiced fair and square policies and that’s why we give full freedom to our clients to ask for a refund, if there has been an error or negligence from our side. We try to minimize human error as much as possible, but still there can be instances where we fail to deliver what we promise or when we promise. So, here are the scenarios when the client can ask for a legitimate refund.

  • If due to any fault or software error, the company charges the client more than the original price or the said discount is not applied. Then the customer can ask refund of the extra money charged from the client, by providing a short description of the evidence of the extra charged money. Please see our pricing policies and packages to be surer of how the service prices are affected.
  • If three or more working days have passed and you still did not get the assignment you ordered for and you have contacted us in these days without any response from us, then we are liable to pay you back your entire money, and also the essay if the negligence has been from our side.
  • If the client changed his/her mind after ordering from the service, then the client will be free to withdraw from the service and ask for the refund within 24 hours of the order placement/confirmation. We assign writers for your assignments after 24 hours has passed, so once this deadline is exceeded, your order will already have reached the processing/writing stage. The deadline of order assignment changes for urgent orders, and those are assigned to writers immediately.
  • If nay client is not satisfied with our service or product or receives an ‘F’ from the professor, then the client can ask for a refund due to ‘bad quality’. The work of the writer will be rechecked by the Q/A department and if we find the quality to be low, your money will be refunded within five business days.
  • If a client remain dissatisfied even after revision, then we offer three choices to the client.
  • A new writer will be provided for your order and you do not have to pay any extra money.
  • We will offer free pages/assignment of the same value in the near future.
  • If some parts of the essay were not in alignment with the details, then the amount of refund will be decided accordingly with mutual agreement.
  • Technical delay in the delivery of the product/service can result in an issuance of partial refund based on the mutual understand between the client and the company.
  • Refund shall not be issued if the client does not avail the unlimited revision feature first.

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