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Tips to make your college assignment look interesting

Getting good remarks on your college assignment often gets difficult, especially when you are exhausted with tricks of effective writing. Only attractive and interesting assignments come to good remarks of teachers. Understanding this students’ common problem, we are discussing here some tips of making college assignments look interesting. The focus remains on handy tricks that could ideally make an appealing and attractive assignment for teachers. Lets just go one by one on steps of making effective writing.


A strong opening

A reader is always interested to read that article or text which comes with an appealing introduction. If the introduction is strong enough to capture reader’s sight, it would definitely push the reader to read the text entirely. This is one very common rule that applies in effective writing. Specialist readers like teachers also look to view an assignment that has a strong and powerful opening. The introduction should be relevant, should have the basic push, and is carrying attention is what teachers want in introduction Assuring all these features in the opening could make it of a what a teacher asks for, could bring an opening which gives a good start of an interest carrying assignment.

Making your assignment informative


Assignments usually go away from teachers’ sight when they are less informative and carry information that is not much relevant . Add information that is subjective, interactive and engaging to the reader. Similarly, books and research remain relevant for adding effective information to your assignment. Try to explore as many as books you could and conduct research that takes you to secondary sources like journals, articles and empirical studies. These are significant sources to earn rich and comprehensive content in your assignment. Research remains the key for making your assignment informative and yet much appealing and interesting.

Making it look interesting

Stories are something that really adds the appeal into the assignment. Including important stories related to your topic and subject could really make your assignment interest-capturing. Stories could be events happening in the contemporary time within the scope of your subject. Like, if you are an economics student and conducting an economic study, you could discuss the economic recession of UK 2008, job recession of 2014 and 2015 in Dubai etc. Similarly, if you are student of history, you could discuss events in revolution of world such as World Wars, the major crises of Europe in 1930s and 40s, the happenings of Europe 1960s. These are things that could really make your assignment rich in content and information. Stories are significant and must be part of an effective and yet interesting assignment.


A good conclusion

Last but not the least is the ending of your assignment, which should be relevant, should be appealing and is defining result or some resolutions. A reader is always interested to see some solution or some continuation of research in the conclusive part of assignment. Try to present a solution in your conclusion, as that is what normally readers expect and want. Teachers also remark on a conclusive assignment. Assignment that has a strong closing like the strong opening is the one which teachers admire and appreciate.